Wisteria Vines

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Wisteria Vines Border Frame.
This illustration was a commission for the wedding invitation of two close family members — the wisteria vines framed the fanciful text inviting people to their special event.

453/1000 (Micron Pigma on Paper, color via Photoshop)

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Beth Hamilton
March 14, 2017

A friend of mine loves this illustration and would love to use it as his logo for his website, ecotimelessmarket.com (not trying to advertise, just trying to show you what site it is). We are currently working on getting things on his site, but the logo he would like done first. I would like your permission to use it on his site. The site is about Eco and Timeless Market for Sustainability. Like blacksmithing, organic growing, or even making your own oils.
Please let me know if we have your blessing to use the illustration.
Thank you!

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